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About me.

My training from UEL was based on an integrative approach, meaning that it did not focus on one style or technique, it combined all modalities, therefore my understanding of psychotherapy is flexible and broad. Every person is an individual who works better in certain ways, and so my task is to find the style which works best for us both based on your individuality.

All sessions take place in conjunction with the BACP ethical framework. 

Counselling and Psychotherapy Postgraduate Diploma from University of East London, a BACP approved course. (since 2016)

A registered member of BACP, currently pursuing accrediation.

  • 3 years experience as part of City and East London Bereavement Service in Tower Hamlets

  • Consistently and enthusiastically pursuing further education, courses and workshops in counselling and related CPD activities. I love picking up new perspectives, learnings and theories.

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