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I'm Gemma Grainger, an Integrative Counsellor and Psychotherapist in London.

Being a human is a complex and difficult task. We are all full of conflicting thoughts, feelings and actions at the best of times and when something happens in life - it can be big or small - it can throw us even further into confusion or feelings we might not be able to put our finger on.

I am a qualified psychotherapist and a fellow human being, and I offer a safe place for you to come and talk things through, or just be. Together we can work towards making the trials of life a bit easier for you.

About Me

My sessions are open to anyone who feels that they might need someone to listen, even just for a few hours - no problem or feeling is unimportant.  

Therapy shouldn’t be something that is scary, it is not a luxury and it should be accessible. The key to counselling and psychotherapy is that it is a space that is your own; one that is empathic, safe and non-judgemental. I will listen to you.

Therapy for me

​My Therapy Beliefs and My Training

The therapy I provide is collaborative and dynamic. The training I received from University of East London was based on an integrative approach, meaning that it did not focus on one style or technique, it combined all modalities. This means that my understanding of psychotherapy is flexible and broad. Every person is an individual who responds and works better in certain ways, and so my task is to find the style which works best for us both together based on your individuality.


What is my therapeutic style and how did I find it?

My style has developed vastly through experience, and I tend to find starting with a conversation the best way of forming a core foundation- the relationship. Through this, I keep you, the client in the focus. Unlike some (psychodynamic) modalities, I don't focus primarily on childhood. However, I do find from experience that the past often has an impact on the here and now, so I do value its importance. Likewise, although I do not formally practice CBT, I recognise the value in coping mechanisms and so if this is for you I will try and accommodate for some solution-focussed direction.


The key to my style is listening to what you want and need from therapy, and we go from there.

Therapy for Me

“Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren't always comfortable, but they're never weakness.”

Brené Brown

Let's Talk

Here's me with Grace Victory, where we discuss dating apps and mental wellbeing for Mental Health Awareness Day 2019.

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